Personal Medical Decisions for North Dakotans at Risk Under Measure 1


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Measure 1 could “impose an additional duty on the North Dakota government” and require the state to take “governmental action” and invade on the private, personal medical decisions of North Dakotans if voted into law in November, according to a White Paper released by North Dakotans Against Measure 1 (NDAM1).

Measure 1 would change the language in the North Dakota Constitution section 1 to read “
the inalienable right to life of every human being at every stage of development must be recognized and protected.”The white paper, signed by 18 doctors, lawyers and other North Dakotans from all over the state, details the far-reaching consequences of this permanent change to the constitution if passed. Major excerpts from the paper include:

Impact on end-of-life decisions: 
“State court judges might be constitutionally obligated to give no force to living wills or health care proxies if they contain do-not-resuscitate orders or other provisions regarding end-of-life care;”
In Vitro Fertilization: “Should North Dakota courts read Measure 1 as its supporters would like, IVF doctors, their employees, and their patients may be prosecuted, and IVF prohibited as a criminal act.”
Abortion: “Cases in which a pregnant woman must obtain an abortion to preserve her own life will present an intractable conflict.  Pursuant to Measure 1, the state will be obligated to protect the right to life of the woman no less than that of the fertilized ova, embryo, or fetus.”
“This white paper shows what we’ve known, and been telling North Dakotans since this campaign began – this law make serious changes to our constitution that will have far-reaching effects on end-of-life decisions, fertility treatments and personal medical decisions,” said Dina Butcher, chairwoman of North Dakotans Against Measure 1 (NDAM1). “We need to vote no on this vague and poorly worded permanent change to our state’s constitution.”
North Dakotans Against Measure 1 (NDAM1) is the official campaign in opposition to Constitutional Amendment Measure 1 on the ballot in November. NDAM1 is volunteer-driven committee consisting of a diverse group of state-based leaders including doctors, lawyers, hospital chaplains, parents and advocates. Measure 1 would permanently change the North Dakota constitution and could have far-reaching consequence on a variety of medical decisions – including end-of-life directives and infertility treatments.