Consider the (impressive) source- By Erin Gillam in the Grand Forks Herald

aarp-smallnewlogo - CopyBy: Erin Gillam
As printed in the Grand Forks Herald Sept. 27, 2014

As Proponents of Measure 1 keep screeching, “Consider the source” of Measure 1 concerns.

OK, let’s take a look. Who are these extremists who oppose Measure 1?

Let’s see … a dozen clergy from the Grand Forks area; Lutherans and Episcopalians. So fringy!

The AARP testified against the measure last year, then said in its Voter Guide this year that it is unclear how the measure could impact family decisions surrounding end of life. That radical AARP!

Who else is against it? Family practice and fertility doctors; judges and professors of constitutional law. Those nutty experts in medicine and law!

All right. I’ve considered the source. I’m voting no on Measure 1.