Measure 1 will affect health care – letter from Craig Meiers in the Grand Forks Herald

By: Craig Meierscraig-meiers
As printed in the Grand Forks Herald September 24, 2014

I am writing this as both a father who required in vitro fertilization with genetic testing in order to have our amazing 9-month-old son and as a medical student who will be a doctor this spring.

Due to the presence of a genetic disorder in my wife’s DNA, which is passed on at a 50 percent rate and in a way that it is more severe in children than the mother, to have a healthy child we had to seek medical assistance. If we had not done so, the congenital form of her disorder often results in death from cardiac and respiratory causes prior to the age of 20.

We had tried without assistance and it resulted in miscarriage. Upon testing, we found that only three out of over a dozen eggs that we fertilized were free from the disorder and without severe chromosomal abnormalities. We went through two transfers using all of the healthy embryos and as a result have our wonderful child who is the most important part of our lives. Measure 1 will put an end to the medical treatment we needed in North Dakota.

While some people will tell you that Measure 1 will not affect IVF, the constitutional lawyer I have consulted, as well as the only reproductive endocrinologists providing this service in our state, all are very concerned if not certain that it will.

This is why I firmly state there is nothing pro-life about denying couples who desperately want to start a family the right to do so and there is nothing conservative about government stepping in and preventing citizens from accessing the health care they both need and can afford.