AARP North Dakota Statement on Measure 1

Vote USAAs posted by AARP North Dakota on their website
September 30, 2014

[1]AARP has not taken a position on any of the eight ballot measures. We developed a brief summary of each of the ballot measures as part of our member voter education efforts.

On Measure 1, the voter guide [2] reflects the same concern we expressed in written testimony provided to the legislature during the 2013 legislative session. The concern we expressed to legislators during the session focused on the impact the resolution could have on end-of-life care.

Regardless, the legislature passed the resolution which is now Measure 1 on the ballot and it is up to the voters to decide the issue.

The state president position is a volunteer position and our volunteers are entitled to their personal opinions. But it is inappropriate for the proponents of Measure 1 to use the state president’s affiliation with AARP in their ad.

The opponents are highlighting the concern we expressed to legislators during the session, but have not stated or implied any affiliation with AARP.