Measure would Waste Money- Letter in the Bismarck Tribune

As printed in the Bismarck Tribune  on October 1, 2014

I’m voting no on Measure 1. If you’re a North Dakota taxpayer, here’s why you should, too. I’m not a politician, doctor, or a lawyer, but I am a lifelong North Dakota resident and taxpayer. North Dakota taxpayers have already paid $200,000 defending unconstitutional abortion restrictions passed last legislative session and another $400,000 has been earmarked for appeals.

After all the money spent, not one abortion has been stopped or one North Dakota women’s clinic closed. The reason this legislation is a waste of our taxpayer dollars is abortion is a federally-protected right and the states cannot override the federal constitution, but they can go broke trying.

The North Dakota legislators behind Measure 1 have openly admitted it’s to challenge Roe V. Wade. So, now in addition to funding the state’s defense of unconstitutional abortion bans, if Measure 1 passes, we’ll also be funding legal battles over in-vitro fertilization and advance directives, and taking on the federal constitution — all at the expense of North Dakota taxpayers. Are you willing to spend hundreds of thousands more?

Remember, we’re not just paying for the legal challenges, we also paid the North Dakota legislators to waste time.

Measure 1 has several things wrong with it — fuzzy language, the potential to shut down in-vitro fertilization and nullify advance directives; the potential of jailing mothers who suffer miscarriages and still births for not doing enough to “protect life.”

In addition to all of these things, Measure 1 is pure fiscal irresponsibility.

This November, please join me in voting no to wasting more of your hard-earned tax dollars on this clearly unconstitutional battle.