Measure Wording May be Impasse- letter in the Bismarck Tribune

By ERIN PRICE Bismarck
As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 10/1/14

 As a woman living in North Dakota, I’m writing today to express my concerns about Measure 1 and to encourage voters to vote no in November.

My husband and I have been struggling to have a baby for over four years. While it is painful to acknowledge this in such a public fashion, it’s been even more painful to be unsuccessful at all our efforts to conceive.

Our fertility specialists believe our next best treatment option is in-vitro fertilization. Please understand, my husband and I are both well-educated, we have good jobs, we can provide a happy and loving environment in which to raise a child — and we, like countless other couples in the state, need medical assistance to begin our family.

Measure 1’s vague wording will undoubtedly create an impasse for people needing IVF to have a child. It is the very definition of government intrusion into our lives.

While I respect the opinions of those who consider themselves pro-life, please vote no on Measure 1 in November. The goal of protecting life is admirable, but it’s the wording of the Measure that is so very problematic.

Please consider what a yes vote will mean: You will be negatively affecting couples who are struggling with infertility issues in their already painful journey to become parents.

Please don’t vote away my chance to become a mother.