Consider source; vote ‘no’ on Measure 1- letter in the Fargo Forum

Proponents of Measure 1 keep screeching “consider the source” of Measure 1 concerns. (Letter in Fargo Forum, Sept. 25.) OK, let’s take a look. Who are these extremists who oppose Measure 1?

Let’s see … a dozen clergy from the Grand Forks area voiced concern about Measure 1 opening the door to government intervention in end-of-life decisions. Oh, right. Lutherans and Episcopalians. So fringe-y!

The AARP testified against the measure last year, then said in its Voter Guide this year that it is unclear how the measure could impact “do not resuscitate” orders or other family decisions surrounding end of life. Oh, right. That radical AARP.

Who else is against it? Family practice doctors and IVF doctors. Judges and constitutional law professors. Oh, right. Those nutty experts in medicine and law.

Measure 1 proponents are trying to create a bogeyman.

All right. I’ll consider the source. I’m voting “no” on Measure 1.