Life’s ambiguities argue against Measure 1- letter in the Grand Forks Herald

The goal of passing Measure 1 is, of course, to ban abortions. Every “stage of development” would be granted the rights of personhood.

It would be easy if issues were black and white, if definitions and laws could solve life’s ambiguity. Unfortunately, this is not case, especially when we are talking about a zygote, embryo, or fetus that exists within and is dependent on a fully realized human person.

In this delicate and individualized relationship, we see the ambiguity. An ectopic pregnancy is not the same as a healthy third trimester, and a zygote created through the horror of rape is not the same as one made in anticipation of in vitro fertilization.

This is to say nothing of the health of the mother and the context of a given pregnancy.

Because of this ambiguity, we cannot rely on laws and politicians to make our moral and health care decisions. We need to rely on our own mental faculties, in partnership with our families and health care providers.

Furthermore, I cannot take Measure 1 seriously in its quest to stop abortions. The politicians and churches who advocate for the bill are the same who’ve never offered — and at times have prevented — legislation for comprehensive sex education and free and available birth control, the only methods proven to prevent unwanted pregnancies and abortion.

Until we see legislation that upholds a woman’s autonomy and contains viable plans to reduce abortions, I urge Herald readers to vote No on Measure 1.

Erin Kunz
Grand Forks