Letter: ND Measure 1 reflects a loss of faith in people

As published in the Fargo Forum on 10/30/14

by Wendy Gordon, Fargo

A number of years ago, my friend and her husband learned that she was pregnant. They were overjoyed, and within five months, they had a beautiful nursery with everything needed to welcome their son into the world. Tragically, they then learned that their baby had a painful and fatal birth defect. After the shock, they realized that they were faced with making an end-of-life decision for their baby, whom they hadn’t even met yet. As heartbreaking as it was for them, they decided to terminate the pregnancy.

It pains me to think that if a constitutional amendment such as Measure 1 had been in place, my friend would have had to have gone days or even weeks wondering if the baby in her was alive and, worse, knowing that if he was alive, he was suffering.

I am sure the legislators were drawing on their faith when they placed Measure 1 on the ballot. However, in doing so, they lost faith in the people of North Dakota to make the right decisions for their family when confronted with the most difficult and painful choices they will face.