Letter: Why pass Measure 1, if it’s as weak as supporters say?

As published in the Grand Forks Herald on 10/30/14

The best argument for Measure 1 is that it won’t, on its own, do anything. But then, why enact it? North Dakota is known for a more sensible conservatism, one that tries not to create superfluous laws.

Proponents have stated that Measure 1’s intent is to safeguard North Dakota’s laws against North Dakota’s courts. Forgetting what courts and laws are, if our conservative courts can find that the substantive meaning of liberty includes a right to decide whether to become a parent, then that ought to be good enough.

Whether Herald readers trust women or not, they should recognize that Measure 1 will bring North Dakota to the forefront of a judicial strategy aimed squarely at overturning Roe v. Wade. Meanwhile, people trying to have children, physicians, those having living wills and the elderly will bear the consequences of our reckless political games.

There are more responsible ways to overturn Roe. Ban abortion explicitly by constitutional measure; don’t dupe voters into ushering you in front of the Supreme Court.

Vote no on Measure 1.