Letter: Getting tired of the same old fight

As published in the Fargo Forum on 10/31/14

I recently found an old email address that I created when I was in college, [email protected]. That’s how proud I was to be from North Dakota. I grew up in Velva. I graduated from North Dakota State University, and now I make my home in Fargo. I love this state and the fight to make it better. I knew that North Dakota was conservative, but I had faith it could, and would, evolve.

It’s been 12 years since I created that email address and as I read Measure 1, my faith is waning.

Now I sit here, wondering what will I do if Measure 1 passes? Do I stay in a state that puts my life at risk or negates my chances of using in vitro fertilization to conceive a child? Do I stay in a state willing to use my tax money to fight a lengthy legal battle on whether Measure 1 is even constitutional? Do I stay and continue to fight the good fight?

Honestly, I’m just plain exhausted.