Letter: If Measure 1 passes, med student will go elsewhere

As published in the Fargo Forum on 10/31/14

by Turner Fishpaw, Grand Forks

I urge you to vote against Measure 1 in the upcoming vote for one reason: to preserve and promote working as a physician in North Dakota.

As a native North Dakotan, born and raised in Minot, I know that we are practical people. While I would welcome the opportunity to practice in North Dakota, Measure 1 has the potential to make the climate for practicing medicine in our great state untenable. Many of my future doctor colleagues and I will not practice in a state that necessitates consulting a lawyer before taking care of a patient.

For example, though advances in medicine have been numerous in recent years, ectopic pregnancies remain a serious threat to the health of women and cannot render viable babies.

If, as a doctor, I am bound by law to preserve the existence of an unviable, dangerous embryo by legislation like Measure 1, at the expense of a woman’s health, I will practice in a different state.

Fishpaw is a third year medical student at the University of North Dakota. His opinions are his own.