Letter from Dr. Bradley: Measure 1 vague, poorly written

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 11/1/14

by Dr. Shannon Bradley, Bismarck

I appreciate that the emotion of people on both sides of Measure 1 is strong. I understand that if one minimizes this vague statement to just a “fight against abortion,” it would be easy to support. However, I implore you as a state to understand the many facets of this one statement.

Understand that there are many medical scenarios that could be affected if your physician cannot legally proceed with proper care.

One example is a situation that I have seen many times as an obstetrician. A mother of three is four months pregnant. However, because of an infection in her womb she is septic and will die if the infection (pregnancy) is not removed from her body. The baby still has a heartbeat, but will not survive outside the womb. It is at this point that the woman, her family and her doctor have to make life- saving yet hear-breaking medical decisions in order to save her life and let her be a mother for her living children.

Please take a moment and think about the fact that this woman could be your daughter, wife or sister. Who do you want making this medical and personal decision for your family? If Measure 1 passes, voters who do not know you and your state Legislature will make the decisions for you.

Measure 1 is vague, poorly written and will involve numerous medical situations beyond elective abortion.

Remember, as obstetricians we are in the unique position of taking care of two patients at once. The families that trust us to care for them expect no less.

Please allow your physicians to practice medicine, and give patients the ability to make their own decisions at often the most difficult times in their lives.

Vote no on Measure 1.