Letter: No good can come from Measure 1

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 11/1/14

by Donene Feist, Edgeley

I have been somewhat quiet on Measure 1. I need to raise my voice a bit more.

Those supporting the measure have been dishonest. This is a personhood amendment. No state in the country has passed a personhood amendment. Personhood USA is salivating in hopes to make this happen.

The measure is too broad. Those who wrote it did that on purpose. While getting it through the Legislature they posted all kinds of information that personhood was alive and well in North Dakota. Then they denied it, and are trying to sell it to the public. This is an effort to ban abortion without exception — not for rape, not for incest, not even for the health and life of the mother.

Physicians across North Dakota oppose this measure. Do I trust them to take care of my medical needs or a man of the cloth? While prayer is great, even in medical decisions, they surely are not going to govern my medical care.

This measure will drive In Vitro Fertilization out of North Dakota. There are a good many children brought into this world in our community through IVF. One of the authors of the legislation announced her opposition to IVF in an article to the “The Catholic Daughters of the Americas.” She quoted the National Catholic Bioethics Center, “One reproductive technology which the Church has clearly and unequivocally judged to be immoral is in vitro fertilization.” She ended the article saying, “Children, in the final analysis, should be begotten not made.”

As a rape survivor and a woman who relied on fertility treatments (outside IVF), I must raise my concerns about Measure 1. No good can come from this. The unintended consequences are many. Vote no on Measure 1.