Letter: Measure 1 a bad measure

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 11/1/14

by Cody Stanley, Grand Forks

With Election Day fast approaching we North Dakotans need to take a hard look at ourselves, and honestly answer the question “What kind of state do we want to live in?” Many people in this state consider themselves pro-life, and many people consider themselves pro-choice. They are both legitimate political positions.

We currently have the freedom in this country to hold these positions. However, Measure 1 transcends these categories, and it occupies a level of conceivable generational harm, that obliterates out ability to work out our differences with legitimate well thought out laws.

At the core of the human existence is the desire, want, need, yearning to be loved, and to give love. It is this singular condition that makes the human race unique. Measure 1 is an idea that is only masked in love. The reason for this is that love is obvious, one doesn’t need to work to understand love, or to justify it.

Measure 1 will change the North Dakota State Constitution, the foundation of our very state, and in the process it will eliminate families, doctors, nurses, end-of-life caregivers, and others abilities to perform their vital roles as conduits of love in some of the most trying times of the human condition. If a person is either pro-life or pro-choice, for this issue, it doesn’t matter. What matters is whether or not we want to have our society guided by love, or by fear. And fear, caused by the extreme uncertainty that Measure 1 will create, is what will be imbedded in our Constitution if Measure 1 passes.

Let us move beyond this proposed bad measure, and work out our legitimate differences with a well thought out public policy. Not a constitutional amendment that is poorly written, by non-North Dakotans.