Letter from Dr. Jacobsen: Taxpayers will suffer if Measure 1 passes

As published in the Dickinson Press on 11/1/14

by Dr. Thomas Jacobsen

As a retired physician who has practiced in the state for over 47 years, doing obstetrics and women’s health, I urge a “No” vote on Measure 1.

Measure 1 is open to numerous interpretations regarding end-of-life issues and in vitro fertilization. If a woman uses IVF to build her family, then tells their doctor to dispose of any remaining embryos, will she or her doctor be charged with murder?

Proponents say it won’t change anything — but then why even have it on the ballot? To me, it just muddies the issues. If Measure 1 passes, I’m certain there will be litigation at tremendous expense to the taxpayers of North Dakota.

North Dakota women have a mind of their own. They have a body of their own. Any decision to terminate a pregnancy is complex and difficult. It is not made lightly. Nobody should be able to tell women what they can or cannot do with their bodies, and no one has the right to stand in her way.

As a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association stated, “There is no right answer, only the answer that is right for each woman.”

Dr. Thomas Jacobsen