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Forum editorial: Measure 1 Defeat Sends a Message

Fargo Forum Editorial As printed in the November 5th issue Tuesday’s resounding “no” on the personhood amendment was yet another unambiguous expression of the same sentiment that hammered down the religious freedom measure in 2012. Voters said keep the heavy hand of intrusive government out of the most personal, most private decisions that individuals and […]

Measure 1: A closer look at ND’s ‘right to life’ amendment

By Ryan Johnson on Oct 19, 2014 As printed in the Fargo Forum  FARGO – It’s only 19 words. But the 19 words in North Dakota’s “right to life” Measure 1 could have a far-reaching impact on a range of health issues, including end-of-life care, infertility treatment and pregnancies with complications endangering the mother’s life, […]

Bismarck Physicians Voice Concerns About Measure 1 Impact

Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014 BISMARCK – A group of physicians from Bismarck voiced concerns about the far-reaching effects of Measure 1 in a press conference today, emphasizing the intrusion in medical practice. If approved by voters in November, Measure 1 would permanently add the following to the state constitution: “The inalienable right to life of […]

NDAM1 Response to the Fargo Forum Poll

The Fargo Forum conducted a poll last week, showing that Measure 1 has likely support from about 50 percent of North Dakotans. This poll was conducted prior to the public opposition to Measure 1 by the  North Dakota Medical Association, the Fargo Forum, the Grand Forks Herald. the Jamestown Sun and the Dickinson Press. The […]

North Dakota Medical Association Opposes Measure 1

The North Dakota Medical Association (NDMA) is opposing Measure 1 in the upcoming election. The NDMA statement reads “because of the imprecise wording and unknown consequences, NDMA is opposed to Constitutional Measure 1.’ The NDMA is dedicated to promoting physician leadership in ethics and advocacy,helping North Dakota physicians provide high-quality medical care for their patients. […]

Measure Wording May be Impasse- letter in the Bismarck Tribune

By ERIN PRICE Bismarck As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 10/1/14  As a woman living in North Dakota, I’m writing today to express my concerns about Measure 1 and to encourage voters to vote no in November. My husband and I have been struggling to have a baby for over four years. While it […]

Measure would Waste Money- Letter in the Bismarck Tribune

By JULIE SANDVIG West Fargo As printed in the Bismarck Tribune  on October 1, 2014 I’m voting no on Measure 1. If you’re a North Dakota taxpayer, here’s why you should, too. I’m not a politician, doctor, or a lawyer, but I am a lifelong North Dakota resident and taxpayer. North Dakota taxpayers have already […]