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Fact Check #1

The Truth About Measure One: Fact-Checking the Misinformation of Proponents of Measure One False Claim #1: Measure One would not affect end of life directives, living wills, nor Do Not Resuscitate orders– it just keeps all our laws as they are and doesn’t change anything. Truth #1:  The intent of the legislation: Sen. Margaret Sitte, […]

Cosmo Article- The Abortion Amendment America Forgot

By Robin Marty As printed in Cosmopolitan on-line September 15, 2014 “We are voting about abortion?” Karen Yonick, a resident of Jamestown, North Dakota, asked when I questioned her at a Fargo hotel bar. “The media haven’t said anything, and it’s not being followed, so I guess people forgot it happened.” “I didn’t know about […]

North Dakotans divided on Measure 1

As printed in the Minot Daily News September 10, 2014 By JILL SCHRAMM – Staff Writer Grassroots coalitions have taken positions on both sides of a constitutional right-to life amendment that will be decided by voters Nov. 4. Opponents say the single-sentence Human Rights Amendment is too open to interpretation and could lead to more […]

Measure One Clutters Constitution With Questions

As Printed in the The Crosby Journal September 10, 2014 Passing Dreams Column By: Steve Andrist ‘Personhood’ plan is an emotional lawsuit waiting to happen If you were to ask me here’s what I’d say: No. Maybe. No. Maybe. No. No. Awww, geez. Whatever. That’s eight answers, one for each measure on the November General […]

Henry Lebeck Points Out How Measure 1 supporters misrepresent the ‘facts’ in his letter printed in the Bismarck Tribune.

August 31, 2014 2:00 am  •  By HENRY LEBAK Bismarck As printed in the Bismarck Tribune  As a longtime data person, I really get annoyed with the misrepresentation of “facts.” I recently read Bishop David Kagan’s “From the Bishop” article in the September 2014 issue of Dakota Catholic Action, as well as a recent op-ed column by […]