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Letter from Bob Wefald: Lessons from measure’s defeat

As published in the Bismarck Tribune, 11/8/14 by Robert Wefald, Bismarck, former ND Attorney General and Judge There are lessons to be learned by everyone from the resounding rejection of Measure 1 by roughly 2-to-1. One lesson is legislators as well as state officials and judges/justices, all of whom took an oath to defend and […]

Letter: Thanks for effort to defeat measure

As published in the Fargo Forum on 11/8/14 by Heidi Bell, West Fargo Now that elections are over, a huge thank you needs to go out to the advocates against Measure 1. Yes, we may all be tired of hearing about it, but this needs to be said. Over the last 13 years I have […]

ELECTION RESULTS: ND voters reject ‘right to life’ Measure 1; 64% say no

As published in the Fargo Forum on 11/5/14 by Ryan Johnson FARGO – A controversial proposal to add a “right to life” amendment to North Dakota’s constitution was rejected by voters Tuesday. ND Choose Life, the main coalition calling for Measure 1’s approval, conceded defeat 90 minutes after the polls closed at 8 p.m., saying […]

Letter: Courts will have ultimate voice

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 11/1/14 by Colleen Reinke, Bismarck Those who assert that Measure 1 will do “nothing” if it is added to our state’s constitution do not understand constitutional law. Black’s Law Dictionary defines “constitution” as ‘“the written instrument agreed upon by the people … as the absolute rule of action […]

Letter: Measure 1 a bad measure

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 11/1/14 by Cody Stanley, Grand Forks With Election Day fast approaching we North Dakotans need to take a hard look at ourselves, and honestly answer the question “What kind of state do we want to live in?” Many people in this state consider themselves pro-life, and many people […]

Letter: No good can come from Measure 1

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 11/1/14 by Donene Feist, Edgeley I have been somewhat quiet on Measure 1. I need to raise my voice a bit more. Those supporting the measure have been dishonest. This is a personhood amendment. No state in the country has passed a personhood amendment. Personhood USA is salivating […]

Letter from Minot pastor: Measure 1 is concerning

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 11/1/14 by the Rev. Janet Mathistad, Minot I wish to express my concerns regarding Measure 1, the “Personhood Amendment.” The measure’s proponents claim that this measure will not affect IVF fertility treatment. I find this claim to be disingenuous, as the record of their testimony at last year’s […]

Letter: Recall chilling statements about Measure 1 in 2013 testimony

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 11/1/14 by Janet Daley Jury, Bismarck I find it disingenuous that supporters of Measure 1 object to out-of-state funds being used to oppose the measure, when it was out-of-staters who did most of the heavy lifting in all of the anti-abortion measures passed last session. If you had […]

Letter from Dr. Bradley: Measure 1 vague, poorly written

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 11/1/14 by Dr. Shannon Bradley, Bismarck I appreciate that the emotion of people on both sides of Measure 1 is strong. I understand that if one minimizes this vague statement to just a “fight against abortion,” it would be easy to support. However, I implore you as a […]