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Letter from Dr. Jacobsen: Taxpayers will suffer if Measure 1 passes

As published in the Dickinson Press on 11/1/14 by Dr. Thomas Jacobsen As a retired physician who has practiced in the state for over 47 years, doing obstetrics and women’s health, I urge a “No” vote on Measure 1. Measure 1 is open to numerous interpretations regarding end-of-life issues and in vitro fertilization. If a […]

Meaure 1 could ban abortions, emergency contraceptives for rape victims, victims advocacy groups say

As published in the Fargo Forum, Grand Forks Herald and Jamestown Sun on 11/1/14 by Grace Lyden BISMARCK – Two administrators with statewide victim advocacy groups said Friday afternoon that Measure 1 could ban abortions and emergency contraceptives for victims of rape and incest. “So many victims want that decision-making power after a sexual assault,” […]

Letter: Getting tired of the same old fight

As published in the Fargo Forum on 10/31/14 By Marijo Peterson from Fargo I recently found an old email address that I created when I was in college, [email protected] That’s how proud I was to be from North Dakota. I grew up in Velva. I graduated from North Dakota State University, and now I make […]

Letter: If Measure 1 passes, med student will go elsewhere

As published in the Fargo Forum on 10/31/14 by Turner Fishpaw, Grand Forks I urge you to vote against Measure 1 in the upcoming vote for one reason: to preserve and promote working as a physician in North Dakota. As a native North Dakotan, born and raised in Minot, I know that we are practical […]

Kylie Oversen: Passing Measure 1 invites litigation, not certainty

As published in the Grand Forks Herald, 10/31/14 by Kylie Oversen, Grand Forks For those undecided voters who have been following the debate surrounding Measure 1, there probably has been some understandable confusion. If I hadn’t been on the committee that heard this very resolution during the legislative session, I might have some second thoughts, […]

Judges Weigh In: Vote No on Measure 1

PRESS RELEASE – for immediate release 10/31/14 Fargo – Three prominent North Dakota judges have urged voters to reject Measure 1, which would permanently change the state constitution to read “the inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.” Judge Robert Wefald, Judge James Vukelic […]

A must-read letter: We made the right decision

As published in the Fargo Forum on 10/30/14 By Brian James Schill and Robin David from Grand Forks Eighteen months ago, we attempted an overnight getaway in Duluth before the birth of our third child – more than a month in advance of his due date. When we noted our baby seemed to be moving little in […]

Letter: ND Measure 1 reflects a loss of faith in people

As published in the Fargo Forum on 10/30/14 by Wendy Gordon, Fargo A number of years ago, my friend and her husband learned that she was pregnant. They were overjoyed, and within five months, they had a beautiful nursery with everything needed to welcome their son into the world. Tragically, they then learned that their […]

Letter: Why pass Measure 1, if it’s as weak as supporters say?

As published in the Grand Forks Herald on 10/30/14 By Matthew Dahlen from Grand Forks The best argument for Measure 1 is that it won’t, on its own, do anything. But then, why enact it? North Dakota is known for a more sensible conservatism, one that tries not to create superfluous laws. Proponents have stated […]

Letter: Measure 1 is a Pandora’s Box

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 10/30/14 by Kari Monson, Dickinson There’s been plenty of kafuffle over Measure 1. It’s one of this election’s hottest topics. The opposition hasn’t really been heard, and I’d like to change that. “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be […]