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Letter: Vague wording is not responsible

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 10/30/14 by Christina Sambor, Bismarck Regardless of your “pro-life” or “pro-choice” persuasion, the larger issue with Measure 1 is that there is serious debate from both sides as to the effect of this language. The proponents of Measure 1 intend it to be a “personhood” amendment defining life […]

Letter: Measure 1 could devastate families making end-of-life decisions

As published in the Fargo Forum on 10/28/14 by Mary Markland, Fargo I am voting “no” on Measure 1 because it would be devastating to families like mine making difficult end-of-life decisions. In the single sentence that is Measure 1, the words “must protect” and “every stage of development” could apply to people throughout their […]

Med students say Measure 1 could worsen physician shortage

As published in the Grand Forks Herald on 10/29/14 This letter is sent on behalf of the undersigned prospective M.D. students at the UND School of Medicine. It was developed entirely independently of faculty or administration involvement, solely represents the opinions of the undersigned and is not to be taken as the stance of the […]

Rev. Montgomery: Vote No on Measure 1

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 10/28/14 by the Rev. Taryn Montgomery of Minot As a pastor, I have the honor of walking with couples as they await the birth of their newborn child. This experience comes easily for some, while for others it can be a challenge to conceive. Feeling a deep call […]

An open letter from Dr. Stephanie Dahl on the impact of Measure 1 to IVF

Dr. Stephanie Dahl is one of three reproductive endocrinologists in North Dakota. Dr. Dahl’s letter is a response to another letter stating that Measure 1 would not affect IVF. Dr. Dahl’s letter is published here with her permission. 10-27-14 As you know, my partners and I are the only IVF physicians in the state, and we have stated […]

Retired Judge Jim Vukelic: Yes, Measure 1 could affect IVF, end-of-life care

As published in the Grand Forks Herald on 10/27/14 BISMARCK — North Dakota voters have the power to change our state constitution by voting on Measure 1. Many people don’t know the difference between a law and a constitutional amendment. This is not because our citizens are horribly uninformed, but rather because these differences have […]

Press Release: New Ad Points Out That Measure 1 Would Ban All Abortions

New Ad from NDAM1 Points Out that Measure 1 Would Ban All Abortions Without Exceptions for Crisis Pregnancies or for Victims of Rape, Incest or when a Woman’s Life/Health is at Risk   Bismarck – A new ad is running on television in North Dakota that highlights the extreme and far-reaching effects of Measure 1, […]

Letter: Do own research on Measure 1

As published in the Bismarck Tribune on 10/25/14 by Mark Anderson, Bismarck Last week while in the sauna of the YMCA, I was fortunate enough to talk to a respected general practitioner who asked me what I thought of Measure 1. He followed my response with roughly, “I am pro-life. I love children — however, […]