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Fact Check #3: What is the origin and intent of Measure 1?

The Truth About Measure 1: Fact-Checking the Misinformation from Measure 1 Proponents In this third fact check, we look at two false claims from ND Choose Life: how they have falsely characterized the origin of Measure 1 and the original intent of those proposing the measure in the legislature. False Claims: In emails and brochures from […]

GOP Women: We oppose Measure 1

Letter to the editor, as printed in the Grand Forks Herald on October 6, 2014 By Bev Clayburgh from Grand Forks As lifelong Republicans, we fundamentally believe that individuals — not the government — are responsible for their actions and have the right to make decisions about their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Our party […]

Fact Check #2: Is Measure 1 a Personhood Amendment?

The Truth About Measure 1:  Fact Checking the Misinformation from Measure 1 Proponents   False Claim #2:  Proponents of Measure 1 say it is not a “personhood” amendment.   Truth #2:  Measure 1 is a personhood amendment, which – if passed in November – would have far-reaching consequences for all North Dakotans.  Personhood is a […]

Grand Forks-Area Faith Leaders Organize Public Forums on Measure 1

A group of faith leaders in the Grand Forks area have organized two forums to educate the public about the far-reaching consequences of Measure 1. Speakers will share concerns about the measure from the faith, medical and legal perspectives, then take questions from the audience. Two public forums will be held, and the same speakers […]