cease-and-desist-stampSecond Day of Legal Requests Made to Drop Misleading Ads

 Fargo – The American Society of Reproductive Medicine has requested the ND Choose Life organization and North Dakota’s television stations pull down the television ads running in favor of Measure 1 because of improper use of their members’ logos. (A copy of the letter from ASRM was provided to media.)

This request comes a day after North Dakotans Against Measure 1 made the same request of TV stations running ads because of the untrue and misleading nature of the content in the ads.

Measure One would permanently change the language in the North Dakota Constitution section 1 to read “the inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected.”

The letter sent by North Dakotans Against Measure 1 yesterday lays out the truth behind claims made in an ad that started airing on Monday by the group ND Choose Life.  The ad has several untrue statements in its urging of North Dakotans to vote yes, including:

  • The ad leaves out words of the measure, not being honest about what the law states, and that it affects “EVERY HUMAN BEING”, which is why groups like the North Dakota Medical Association and American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists are opposing the measure. That means there are no exceptions or definitions for things like IVF treatments, or those with end-of-life directives.
  • Its reference to “similar” laws in Arkansas and Missouri are blatantly false. Both of these laws have very specific definitions and limitations – unlike the permanent, far-reaching change to the state constitution that Measure 1 is.
  • The inaccurate assertion that IVF treatments in North Dakota will be the same if the measure passes. The only North Dakota IVF doctors have already publicly stated they would no longer practice in the state if the measure passes. Steffen Christensen is the director of the Sanford Reproductive Medicine Clinic in Fargo. He says if the measure is approved the clinic will “cease and desist” IVF treatments 30 days afterwards to protect physicians, nurses and lab staff.
  • The improper use of logos of fertility centers/clinics in Arkansas and Missouri. The groups who were listed absolutely did not give their permission.

“We are not surprised other organizations are also asking these ads to stop running,” said Dina Butcher, Chair of the North Dakotans Against Measure 1 campaign committee. “North Dakotans deserve an honest discussion of this serious and far-reaching issue. The proponents of the measure are misleading voters and are fast and loose with the truth – and also are improperly using logos without permission. This is not helpful for those who want to make a thoughtful, informed decision.”

North Dakotans Against Measure One (NDAM1) is the official campaign in opposition to the Measure One initiative on the ballot in November. NDAM1 is volunteer driven committee consisting of a diverse group of state-based leaders including doctors, lawyers, hospital chaplains, parents, and advocates. Measure 1 would permanently change the North Dakota constitution and could have far-reaching consequence on a variety of medical decisions – including end-of-life directives and infertility treatments.