‘I am voting against Constitutional Amendment Measure 1 because as  Conservative Republicans we do not want more political intrusion into the privacy of our personal decisions.’

Dina Butcher, Bismarck
Dina Butcher, BismarckChair of North Dakotans Against Measure 1

‘I am voting NO on Constitutional Amendment Measure 1 because my medical decisions are between me, my family, and my doctor. If I become unable to speak for myself I do not want the hospital to ignore or go against my wishes as stated in my Living Will, Advance Directive, DNR, or Healthcare Power of Attorney.’

Dawn A.
Dawn A.North Dakota Voter

Why are YOU voting no on Measure 1?

Measure 1 may seem harmless but it is actually an extreme and dangerous amendment to our state Constitution.

Our friends, family, and neighbors need to hear the serious unintended consequences Measure 1 would have.

Share your story! Why are you voting NO on Measure 1?